The people may be buried. Their stories shouldn't be.


Our book Grave Trippers - History At Our Feet is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Links provided below. In our book we cover some of our favorite east coast cemeteries as well as the historical notables buried within and include 70 mini biographies. and many Fun Facts. The notable men and women covered include presidents, entertainers, sports figures, soldiers, and inventors. Photos of the graves, as well as directions to get to each grave site, are provided.. We try to make learning about history fun and enjoyable!





Cemeteries are fascinating places. They are, in fact, peaceful, welcoming -- and full of wonderful stories. In Grave Trippers, brothers Vincent and Robert Gardino visit gravesites around the country to re-discover the remarkable people who are buried there. Grave Trippers is part Biography, part Mythbusters, and part Car Talk, where the Gardino brothers blend genuine love and in depth knowledge of history with sharp sibling interplay to bring their subjects vividly to life.

The series roams from the “jazz corner” of NYC’s Woodlawn cemetery -- where Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Lionel Hampton are buried a few feet from each other – to Arlington National – where the Gardinos are joined by special guest appearances by individuals, who will forever be associated with the persons they will be invited to speak about. 


The Team

Vincent Gardino

I’m Vincent Gardino and I was born and raised in New York as a first generation Italian-American. My career has been primarily in media sales management, most of which has been in radio. Currently, I’m in the print medium. I’m a history buff and like my brother enjoy collecting autographs of historical figures. To connect with the past, I enjoy the hunt of finding the graves of famous individuals. My mission is to try and correct any historical errors that might affect a famous person’s gravesite.

Robert Gardino

My name is Robert Gardino. I am a native New Yorker. Prior to retiring I spent most of my working career in banking. I enjoy history and collecting autographs. I credit my brother Vincent for pointing me in this direction. That I have Parkinson’s Disease does not prevent me from obtaining satisfaction from activities that I enjoy. If I can accomplish anything via this program it is to discuss individuals of great accomplishment, who due to the passage of time are not as well remembered as I believe they should be.


Powderhouse Productions

Veteran television producers Joel Olicker and Robert Kirwan from Boston-based Powderhouse came aboard to produce and direct the series. "When we first met Robert and Vincent, we did everything we could to talk them out of doing this," said Olicker, "but thank goodness they didn't listen to us.  Once the cameras started to roll, it was clear that the brothers are complete naturals. Their love for these stories, passion for history, along with their brotherly banter, creates something totally original. Who knew a trip to the cemetery could be this much fun?" 

Al Cattabiani

Al Cattabiani is a distribution and marketing specialist with deep experience in high-end programming, including the launch of PBS Home Video.